Monday, October 17, 2011

Sri Aurobindo has a say

[Can students tolerate, can teachers cope: Expert on Ramanujan essay - Indian Express
... may not be capable of explaining the context of AK Ramanujan's essay on different tellings of the epic Ramayana to their students, one of the experts ...
Censoring education - The Hindu
The purging of AK Ramanujan's essay on the Ramayana from the syllabus of the University of Delhi (Oct. 15) is reminiscent of last year's deletion of ...]

As we are negotiating with the tussle over various versions of Savitri, Sri Aurobindo's early enthusiasm to purge Mahabharata of the spurious accretions comes to the mind. Modi's speech in Dwarka yesterday was laced with mythology, a common practice among the Hindutva activists. But to bulldoze genuine academic inquiry by mixing history with a favoured version of mythology is unfair and unjust.

Although periodical overhaul of syllabus cannot be faulted as everything, obviously can't be included, both the Marxist and the Hindutva bias permeating our Universities must end. This will happen when the nation accords Sri Aurobindo the place of honour he deserves. [TNM55]

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