Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bellah ignores Sri Aurobindo

On stumbling upon the observer-observed syndrome, Science went awry; but is yet to probe the third integrating factor so matter-of-factly stated in the third verse of Kena Upanishad. By recording his experiments with Yoga over a prolonged period, Sri Aurobindo has demonstrated how he proceeded with scientific rigour, and yet his discoveries matched with the seers of the Vedic lore. Unfortunately, Semitic theology and sectarian science have consistently neglected the Eastern knowledge systems, injuring thereby the cause of an integral and harmonising worldview. The juvenility of their Social sciences, likewise, has the propensity of being high on style and low on substance.

Bellah's book on evolution ignores the outstanding contribution of Sri Aurobindo. Such ignorance/indifference is in operation for almost a millennium now, and the resultant fractured learning is nothing short of Frankenstein's monster. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have pressed into service a potent Judeo-Vedic paradigm, in receptivity of which lies the salvation of humanity. [TNM55]

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