Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Savitri Era Party opposes the Hindutva obscurantism

[The Best of Quest is a collection of writing from the now defunct magazine of that name. It stopped publication at the time of the Emergency. ... Critiques of a religious group weren’t out of bounds and neither were iconic spiritual leaders.
In Sri Aurobindo: Superman or Supertalk (1975), Claude Alvarez executes a detailed takedown of the sage and his French consort, Mira Richard (the Mother). Both made bizarre claims. Aurobindo said he could write “perfect” poetry and offered his ‘Voice of a tilted nose’ as an example (this is not a joke). The Mother told a gullible band of devotees that a “supramental being” had descended on to the earth in 1956. The essay goes on to meticulously illustrate how the Pondicherry Ashram enriched itself and practiced a form of apartheid: its opulent estate was off limits for locals unless they needed work at exploitative wages. By Avirook Sen ]

It is unfortunate that the right thinking people in the country are yet to recognise the liberal as well as liberating message of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Savitri Era Party, not only opposes the Hindutva obscurantism, but also exposes the shallow Leftist rationalism. As a futurist party with an internationalist outlook, it seeks to deal with issues with a federalist approach and in a mutualist spirit. [TNM55]

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