Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Unshackling the Octopus-like grip of RSS

[Hindutva itself is a secular idea, as will become amply clear when you read what Veer Savarkar wrote. Savarkar was secular and so is his legacy. His vision of Hinduism was one of nationhood, not faith. Here is a man who accused Gandhi of not knowing political theory, who refused to give his wife a Hindu funeral despite a dharna by the women of the Hindu Mahasabha in front of his house. He wrote in his will that he did not want a religious funeral or his body to be carried on the shoulders of mourners. He willed he be taken by motorised vehicle instead. Unfortunately most people don’t have access to these stories. It is the same way Jinnah’s love for ham sandwiches and whiskey has been erased in Pakistan. By Ashis Nandy - The pursuit of happiness and other absurd ideas
From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 45, Dated 12 Nov 2011 ]

It is Golwalkar who forced the RSS into the present mould from which Bhagwat is eager to rescue it. But the major bane of the organisation is imagined history and anti-intellectualism. English-phobia keeps its cadre mediocre for ever. Hatred for other religions binds them more than any reformist zeal about their own religion. Over the years it has managed an Octopus-like grip over various socio-political currents. Unshackling that is indeed a Herculean task. [TNM55]

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