Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Veda unveiled

[As fumes rose from the havan, it caused an initial stampede as people found it difficult to breathe. As the crowds tried to push its way outside, there were more devotees trying to throng the ‘havan’ area.
Haridwar Stampede Toll Rises To 22 Haridwar/Lucknow, Nov 9: The death toll in Tuesday’s stampede at the Shanti Kunj ashram here has risen to 22, of them 20 women, state police officials said in Lucknow. ]

Pandit Shreeram Sharma has recorded that he was inspired by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in his early years. But instead of following the psychological significance of the Veda that Sri Aurobindo has unveiled, he went on to popularise the traditional ritualistic procedures. The masses, thus, are unable to come out of the bondage of the past even through modern movements like Gayatri Parivar. [TNM55]

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