Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Auroville and Dharavi

[My one-man committee has met and made a decision: The award for best economics news story of the year goes to Jim Yardley of The New York Times for an article titled “In One Slum, Misery, Work, Politics and Hope,” published in the December 29 issue.

It is a story about Dharavi, Mumbai’s most famous slum, a seething hive where perhaps as many as a million people live in 60,000 structures on an area smaller than central park. Not surprisingly, in every alley, there are scenes of appalling poverty: Best Economics News Story of 2011: Dickens Meets Hayek in a Mumbai Slum Author: Ed Dolan · · The bottom line: Do you want to understand markets? Do you want to understand capitalism? Do you want to understand why so many people think Hayek had a better grasp of economics than Keynes? Take a few minutes of your New Year’s Holiday to read the story of Dharavi.]

[Cyclone disaster in Auroville and Tamil Nadu - Due to the severe disturbances caused by the cyclonic storm, the Matrimandir will remain closed until further notice. Press Release and updates: The Auroville community asks its friends and well-wishers for financial help which is most urgent. Please make a donation for Auroville Cyclone Relief. For more information you can contact ]

Auroville and Dharavi present two contrasting pictures of economic models. It is time, Auroville learns from Dharavi and throws away the begging bowl. [TNM55]

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