Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Five dreams and seven facets

[Even those who reject my ascription of R1 noumenato Heidegger will probably concede that they are defended by Kant. What this means is that all six realist doctrines in Braver’s matrix have been upheld by at least one of his anti-realist heroes. Hence, there would seem to be no central anti-realist thread in his story. This is why I proposed an additional A7 doctrine of Privileged Human-World relation; surely A7 is the one common thread leading through continental anti-realism from Kant to Derrida. A FESTIVAL OFANTI-REALISM 203 Graham Harman PHILOSOPHY TODAY SUMMER 2008 10:26 AM]

[Whorf also discusses the planes of linguistics: “But in the science of linguistics, the facts of the linguistic domain compel recognition of serial planes, each explicitly given by an order of patterning observed…First, the plane “below” the strictly linguistic phenomena is a physical, acoustic one, phenomena wrought of sound waves; then comes a level of patterning in rippling muscles and speech organs, the physiological-phonetic plane; then the phonemic plane, patterning that makes a systematic set of consonants, vowels, accents, tones, etc. for each language; then the morphophonemic plane…then the plane of morphology…then the further planes still…” (p 248) The book is available onlineComment on Linguistic abilities of babies by Sandeep from Comments for Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother by Sandeep]

Approaching Sri Aurobindo is an enormous challenge and perhaps the best course is to proceed like a blind man encountering an elephant. The possible seven facets can be like the following and still the fear of missing his essence remains. [TNM55] 
  1. Indian culture and literary criticism
  2. Savitri and other creative output
  3. Vedic and scriptural commentaries
  4. Yoga psychology and transformation
  5. Education, ethics, and the evolutionary imperative
  6. Philosophy and integralism
  7. Political thought and the five dreams

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