Sunday, January 29, 2012

Manoj Das Gupta should resign on the age criterion

The Lives camp seems to be in an overdrive and Kittu Reddy and others have been served show cause notices. SAIIER of Auroville Foundation has also issued letters to Anand Reddy and others. They are securing approving letters from sympathetic sources like Sabda functionaries and also approached the judiciary for revoking the ban on the book. Overall, fresh enthusiasm seems to have been infused, may be, due to firm assurances from the high ups in the political circle.

The root cause of all this is the continuation of Manoj Das Gupta as in-charge. He should resign on the age criterion so that the Ashram recovers its reputation and sense of direction. [TNM55]  


  1. Something the Mother says about old age would be relevant to the above post. It was published in the Mother India, May 1963, page 5:

    "The coming of old age is due to two suggestions. First, the general collective suggestion- people telling you that you are getting old and can’t do one thing or another. There is also the individual suggestion which keeps repeating, “I am getting old, I mustn’t attempt this or that.”

    The truth is quite different. Before thirty, the energy goes out in a spend-thrift way because of the play of impulses. After thirty, there is a settling down and one is expected to have plenitude of energy. At fifty, blossoming begins. At eighty, one becomes capable of full production.”
    The Mother (1947)

  2. varun's comment regarding old age may be correct ,but it is not correct to quote something and mould this to pose oneself a correct one.Manoj Dasgupta is old and may be true to his wrong deeds , but it does not mean that these are sufficient reasons for demanding his resingnation.

  3. If the likes of Sraddhalu who leads a double life (some of us know a lot of details about it) replaces Manoj Das Gupta, God only can save the Ashram.