Monday, January 09, 2012

The Mother's devotees worldwide

Visiting Puducherry and Auroville hold priority for the Savitri Erans like any other religious group's inclination for pilgrimage. Unfortunately, the Ashram is going through a phase of turmoil at present, and consequently, many feel recoiled by such an atmosphere.

The teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, however, has nothing much to do with the Ashram itself. The mythology surrounding The Mother and the direct disciples, surely, are fodder for inspiration, but sole rumination of nostalgia can be retarding and regressive too. Besides, by privileging the Ashram life in undue proportion, we do an injustice to countless devotees outside who have and are fighting for the sake of The Mother in the face of stiff resistance and social pressure.

Propagation of a new philosophy and a new religion is always a challenging job and those who are engaged in this noble task are, in a sense, pioneers. Our masters, thankfully, have armed us with an invincible metaphysics, and so, it is not a vain hope that we can win the world by simply leveraging the same. [TNM55]

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