Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Savitri Era is a distinct religion

[Puja in govt offices won't hurt secularism: HC Timesof India - A Subramani, TNN Jan 18, 2012, CHENNAI: Is conducting Ayudha Puja or Saraswathi Puja in government offices a non-secular activity deserving to be banned? 'No', the Madras high court has ruled. 
"Showing respect to the place of work and the objects of work will in no way offend the feelings of others or affect secularism. Ayudha Puja is referable to prayer, reverence or respect given to objects through which an individual performs his profession or occupation. Ayudha Puja in its real terms transcends all religion," a division bench of Justice R Sudhakar and Justice Aruna Jagadeesan has said.]

[Delhi High Court issues orders to turn volume of loudspeakers at ... India Today - 8 Jan 2012 Here's some music for the ears of those looking for a respite from the "noisy" loudspeakers at temples, mosques and other religious institutions in Delhi… Turn down the volume: HC on loudspeakers for prayers - Indian Express 11 Jan 2012 – “Such acts are likely to lead to simmering of ill-will and grievances, which, in turn, leads to communal tension. Therefore, such practices and ...]

[UPSCStudy Notes: Uniform civil code vs. Right to Religion upscportal.com 17 Feb 2010 – S.P. Mittalvs. Union of India: The Majority in this case taking a very restricted view of religion held that the teachings of Sri Aurobindo constituted a philosophy and not religion even if their followers claimed them to be their religion.
Chinnappa Reddy, J: In a dissenting opinion said "the question is not whether Sri Aurobindo refused to claim or denied that he was founding a new religion or a new school of religious thought but whether his disciples and community thought so because religion is a matter of belief and doctrine, concerning the human spirit, expressed overtly in the form of ritual and worship and since Aurobindo's disciples took Aurobindo's teachings in that spirit the teachings constituted a distinct religion.]

Courts in India continue to deliver conflicting verdicts regarding matters related to religion. The fight for securing the status of a “distinct religion” (as adjudicated by Justice Reddy), however, is long for the Savitri Erans. [TNM55]

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