Thursday, January 05, 2012

Search for Sri Aurobindo

Book Affective Communities Leela Gandhi Permanent Black Rs. 495
Book An Illustrated History of Indian Literature in English Arvind Krishna Mehrotra Permanent Black Rs. 1495
Book A Concise History Of Indian Literature In English Arvind Krishna Mehrotra Permanent Black Rs. 595
Book A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy Chandradhar Sharma Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Rs. 395
Book Glimpses of Architecture in Kerala Ramu Katakam, Joginder Singh Rupa & Co Rs. 995
Book Hindutva Jyotirmaya Sharma Penguin Books India Rs. 350
Book Indian Literary Criticism Ganesh N Devy Orient Longman Rs. 525
Book Love, Life and Death D P Chattopadhyaya Pearson Education, India Rs. 450
Book Modernity In Indian Social Theory A. Raghuramaraju Oxford University Press (India) Rs. 495
Book The Concept Of Integral Yoga S. Rajendran Sharada Publishing House Rs. 400
Book Debates in Indian Philosophy A Raghuramaraju Oxford University Press (India) Rs. 195
Book The Essential Writings of Sri Aurobindo Peter Heehs Oxford University Press (India) Rs. 295]

Search for Sri Aurobindo in India is not as intense as it should be. Many books stop at cursory references and situating him as a civilisational thinker is rarely attempted. Although, his name is mentioned along with other great men quite often, his unique contributions are hardly outlined. As most people are unaware of the distinction between him and other writers, they fail to do justice with him. Wilful neglect, of course, continues and the younger generation has a role in reversing the same. [TNM55]

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