Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second rung should take over

A lot of dedication and sacrifice by a handful of people goes into the the opening of a centre but once it stabilises, its activities are seen as definitive of the ideals of The Morher & Sri Aurobindo. An image is created among the people of that city or town as if the centre owns Sri Aurobindo and any other activity concerning him is compared with the scales of real estate.

Thus, although the role of the local centres in popularising the message of the Masters can't be belittled, it can certainly be said at the same time that they have a hand in limiting or filtering it. This, of course, is inevitable and even the Ashram has been squeezed by the present trustees into a caricature of what it should have become over the years. The initiative, nevertheless, should be to transcend the organisational barriers and institutional restrictions and this calls for a multiple players approach.

Since no human action can be kept out of the purview of Yoga, establishing our presence in almost all spheres of life is crucial for the sake of evolution. Brick and mortar becomes a bar in this venture and hence an attitudinal reversal is necessary to tap the world of opportunities opened up by the cyber age. In fact, the same old teachers and speakers are also responsible for applying a brake, and so it is high time that the second rung takes over. [TNM55]

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