Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome Auro Truths

Unlike Posthuman Destinies and IY Fundamentalism, Auro Truths has taken upon itself the difficult task of fighting falsehood and we welcome this ombudsman spirit. Other ventures like Mirror of Day After Tomorrow, True Prof. Kamal Das, and Auroleaks, however, spew polemics and hence have low credibility.
The dangerous cocktail of religion and politics, admittedly, is a concern for many and the same can be discussed in an environment of goodwill. But talking to masks is an unappetizing proposition. [TNM55]


  1. Is the spirit in the inebriating cocktail of religion and politics an appetizing proposition?

    If so, how does that fit in with the sober teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother?


    1. Religion being a tangible form of spirituality runs as an amalgamation of politics and culture. The teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aim at transformation in all these spheres and hence should be perceived as revolutionary. [TNM55]