Monday, February 20, 2012

Muslim votes are crucial

[From: Dilip Kumar Roy sbicitizen 20 February 2012
There is the double-speak of the secularists that seeks to feel itself superior to the rest of the hoi-polloi by finding fault with Hindutva, but stays silent on Muslim fundamentalism. Or they construct false equivalence - equating the Hindutva and Islamic fundamentalism. It is this tribe that does the most damage]

One sounds sagely by accusing someone advocating simple solutions for complex problems. But, come elections, all options converge in voting (and canvassing) for a particular candidate. A decisive verdict might elude, and 20 crore people of UP may not elect their Chief Minister by a simple majority, but then that is the real face of Indian democracy. Muslim votes are crucial for winning elections, and hence, all kinds of angling for it are performed in the garb of sympathizing the religion. Besides, state-wise status varies which complicates the matter further. [TNM55]

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