Friday, February 10, 2012

Women are more afraid

There are three reasons. First, an excessive concern about one's security. Next, what one does not know always gives an uneasy feeling which is translated in the consciousness by fear. And above all, one doesn't have the habit of a spontaneous trust in the Divine Continue reading ]

hi folks Have been following the animated discussion on religion in a desultory fashion and my take (quite unsolicited!!) is, is there nothing else we can ... by Neeta Bhargava Yes, I fully agree. There are so many other topics to discuss / debate. We should stay clear of such controversial / personal issues. Re: [sbicitizen] Re: Fw: [GHHF] Christian Students attend Lecture on from sbicitizen at Yahoo! Groups by Desh D Kapoor
Neeta amd Mythili: That is precisely the problem with the Indian citizenry today. They want Govinda style Bollywood trash. Anything that makes people think]

Though politically incorrect, it is perhaps true that women are more afraid of courting controversies than men in general. [TNM55]

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