Thursday, March 08, 2012

Congress + BJP = SEP

It’s not often that we get to read about Sri Aurobindo in the mainstream media, but whenever his name is mentioned, The Mother is hardly remembered. This is a major distortion in looking at the history of 20th Century India. The Mother’s role in crafting a vision for India and the world has important political implications in view of the Globalization that is on. Even, the poor performance of the so-called national parties in the UP assembly elections should be analyzed against the backdrop of the integral vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

The folly of imagining India in terms of mythological narratives is an obsession with many. The relevant literature serving as a major defence mechanism, no doubt, has certain validity; but their retarding role as far as socio-political thinking is concerned also needs to be underscored. Thus, the demographic transformation that the country is undergoing and the way the diaspora is expanding should be the basis of future policy formulations and socio-cultural approximations.

Savitri Era Religion hopes to break free from all past religions, lock stock, and barrel. The resistance is stiff, we are aware, but it’s futile to put off surgery, when inevitable. For many years, economist Meghnad Desai has been floating the idea of a merger between the Congress and the BJP, and it seems that such a scenario is drawing close; but the outcome has already been heralded by Savitri Era Party. [TNM55]   

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