Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dharna diya to darna kya?

Now, there are two classes of devotees: those who have sat on Dharna and those who have not. Whether this manifestly political nature of conduct has been integrated with the age-old Dharana technique is not yet known, but some additional inputs have surely been generated as regards theorization of Integral Yoga is concerned.

Heehs’ Lives written in the Titanic style might replace Satprem’s Adventure in terms of popular recall. That seems to be the target, the way the book has been defended so far jeopardizing diverse range of human relations. Cold print has acquired primacy over warm human feelings and dealings. Love and sacrifice for the sake of The Mother are sought to be nullified through competitive polemics.

The might of the establishment might win for the moment, but the murkiness it hides will spill out some day. The Trust must spell out its opinion of the book in clear terms which is long overdue. It must fix tenure for all its top executives in order to eradicate vested interest and sycophancy. It shouldn’t suppress meetings meant for dissemination of information among the inmates. [TNM55] 

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  1. 'dharna diya to darna kya'is really a funny headline for everyone. i am among them who did not participate in dharna. i just avoided reading heehs when i came to know that it is an biasted writing.when sri aurobindo and the mother supported and promoted the style of indian moral value in yoga and yoga sadhana, who is hees to set a style of western feelings and style of new understandig method of this yoga and the life sketch?his letter to manoj dasgupta on his book-lives of sri aurobindo-clearly said about his his own there was no need of reading that book any more
    but,it was not essential for all to go for a dharna or darna just for this. when all are not involved or know abc about the functions of the trust or trustees should all waste their time blindly. let them do who are interested to do something against the trust,managing trustee and the trust if they own any kind of interest.but why should all? have these agitators took the same stand when satprem did some misdeeds in the name of the mother or did they took the same stand when manoj das had resigned from the trusteeship?is there any guarantee that if the wantings of these agitators will be fulfilled,there will no other satprem or peter heehs will come out.
    we have seen earlier the cases of paramhansa nigamananda sararaswati,badada and sanda of thakur sri anukul chandra , sreemad pravupada of iscon and the latest satya sai baba.why the movement of the saints of 19th century and 20th century take such a pitiable way.the gossip about the last phase of the mother is not unheard story any more.
    The rebellions may be one kind of sadhakas and sadhikas but please dont make or promote them as a junta .please never try to divide the devotee on the ground of participating a dharna or not.rather please divide the devotees who support the oriental approach of purnanga yoga set by sri aurobindo and the mother;and the others who support the so called westernised way of belief on sri aurobindo and the purna yoga argued by peter hees and his ancester satprem.
    please educate all more and more.