Saturday, March 24, 2012

Five Dreams vs. ideological fig leafs

[BJP has nearly all of Congress's sins - and a few of its own By Amulya Ganguli, March 24, 2012, IANS: Deccan Herald - Home
Arguably, this fall from grace of an organization claiming to harbour spiritual-minded Rambhakts - devotees of the Hindu deity - was inevitable considering that its rise was based on the pseudo-religious plank of temple building and minority-baiting. Since there was no ideological inspiration other than the flaunting of a provocative Hindu agenda and demonising of Muslims and Christians, it was only to be expected that the BJP would comprise elements, not all of whom could be regarded as true representatives of virtuous conduct.]

Any political party, which has a galaxy of leadership, has to institutionalise a mechanism of selecting its probable prime ministerial face. In other democracies in the world, you have inner party elections or preliminaries. We, in India, do not have such a system. On the contrary, the best leaders in the party, at an appropriate time, are chosen as the first amongst the equals.]

[Power, not principles - Times Of India 10 Jan, 2012, RAJIV DESAI
So where is the "glorious" temple he promised? He served as home minister and deputy prime minister for the six years the BJP-led coalition was in power. Advani's confusion was complete when he went to Karachi and lauded Mohammed Ali Jinnah as a secular leader. There are many ideological fig leafs that political formations wear in their relentless grasp for power: socialism, casteism, social justice, identity, chauvinism, Hinduism. Scratch the surface and it all turns out to be an anti-Congress position.] 

BJP has not been able to rule at the centre till now. (There is no likelihood of it happening either in the near future). As a result, its core “difference” is still waiting to be exhibited. The way the party is metamorphosing, it is doubtful if it can stick to any ideology at all. Even, anti-Congressism will end as Congress itself is moving downhill. And then, Savitri Era Party will emerge as the true alternative. [TNM55] 10:20 AM    

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