Friday, March 16, 2012

Intensity, the sentry

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are almost synonymous with progress and evolution. They are intolerant of the past and impatient with the present. A new future is their constant refrain and a new consciousness, their relentless pursuit. They ask us to think in terms of the future and hope for the unimaginable. That is the power of aspiration and how thought precipitates materialization.

They also valorize intensity, be it in loyalty, sincerity, or courage. That is perhaps the density which propels velocity and powers alchemy midst the melting pot of kaleidoscopic possibilities. While tremors jolt us from time to time to the realization of our imprisonment upon the Globe, flights of thought spur us to swing upon the wings of the sublime. The pathways of immortality, no doubt, spring form this mundane mode of mud and clay.     

Products of the past and their overpowering influence, therefore, are foremost obstacles which require to be thrown away. A new generation, on its own, offloads tons of garbage. So, the aged endorsing their past baggage is undesirable. The next future can fix its right mix in alignment with the reigning wave function. Hence, no need to craft time capsules that are sure to turn dung-heaps. [TNM55]     

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