Friday, March 09, 2012

Name of Sri Aurobindo can work magic

It seems that when privately conveyed messages and broad hints to the leadership were ignored, the head of the sangh parivar chose to go public… a generational change in the BJP leadership at all levels is necessary and older leaders (read L.K. Advani) must make way for a younger team, preferably in the age-group 55-60.]

[Election results 2012: Regime change doesn't spell end of Rahul ... Economic Times - Mar 7, 2012, 02.08AM IST By Yogendra Yadav
We rush to conclude that everything the Congress tried in UP was a mistake and that it has no future. We are eager to find nothing short of a tectonic shift in Indian politics in this round of assembly elections.
Learning from cricket commentary would invite us to look at the small print behind the big banner headlines. We would notice that all the big verdicts were results of a very small shift in votes. Even Uttar Pradesh witnessed only about 4 percentage points swing away from Mayawati.]

[Lesson of the UP polls - To win in Uttar Pradesh, a party needs a reliable core vote MUKUL KESAVAN Calcutta Telegraph Thursday , March 8 , 2012 The Brahmins, especially, are political tourists. 
Yogendra Yadav suggested that the post-poll survey conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies showed that the categories pundits used to understand the politics of UP had been left behind by electoral reality. The reality was that people didn’t vote according to their identities to the same extent as they had done before. The survey’s most radical claim was that the Jatav rock on which the BSP was built had split, with a fifth of that vote going to the old enemy, the Samajwadi Party. Shekhar Gupta in The Indian Express declared that elections in contemporary India were becoming more meritocratic, that pandering to caste and community identities (as the Congress and the BJP had tried to do) didn’t pay off any more.]

UP went to SP because of no suitable national alternative. Hindutva is a drag for the BJP and Sonia causes anathema for Congress. The emergence of State level satraps might be conspicuous at the moment, but it is no solution for the national interest. A strong pan-Indian party is a must for securing the future of the country.   

People have already tested the weight of Hazare as well as Ramdev. RSS is repenting now for relying too much on this duo. Lack of clarity on key policy matters leads to low credibility of all political parties. Intra-party debate and dissent on various issues is almost non-existent, thus engendering anti-intellectualism.

The relevance of Savitri Era Party, in this scenario, has taken an interesting turn. Most iconic leaders of the past have lost their sheen, and hence, the name of Sri Aurobindo can work magic. This is the time when we can really push his Manifesto of Five Dreams to take root. People are ready to buy something truly new, and what is needed is effective sachet marketing. [TNM55]  

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