Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Satyam behind Manoj Das Gupta’s shenanigans

With politicians like Arun Jaitley (Rs 158 crore) and Jaya Bachchan (Rs. 493 crore)India Shining surely has arrived. So, it’s difficult to believe that there is no “Satyam” behind Manoj Das Gupta’s shenanigans. Heehs' herd giving him carte blanche appear to be accomplices in the game. Unfortunately, the financial side has rarely been questioned in the correspondences exchanged during the last three years. [TNM55]

Recived the Mother India and World Union, but they are like government-owned television (12:34 PM). To read the Show Cause Notices (2:39 PM) issued by Das Gupta, one has to go to some dot-com. In the blogosphere, the fallacy of mood affiliation is common (1:47 PM), no doubt, still the hope of truth blasting stonewalling and light penetrating the caves of falsehood persists. [TNM55]   

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