Saturday, March 03, 2012

Silencing dissent

[Quotation of the Day… from Cafe Hayek by Don Boudreaux … is from page 159 of the 1964 Harper Torchbooks edition of Karl Popper’s 1957 The Poverty of Historicism (original emphasis):
“If the growth of reason is to continue, and human rationality to survive, then the diversity of individuals and their opinions, aims, and purposes must never be interfered with….  Even the emotionally satisfying appeal for a common purpose, however excellent, is an appeal to abandon all rival moral opinions and the cross-criticisms and arguments to which they give rise.  It is an appeal to abandon rational thought.”]

[The naked public sphere? by The Editors
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke this past Sunday on Meet the Press about the role of religion in the American public sphere:
“The idea that people of faith should not be permitted in the public square to influence public policy is antithetical to the First Amendment, which says the free exercise of religion – James Madison called people of faith, and by the way, no faith, and different faith, the ability to come in the public square with diverse opinions, motivated by a variety of different ideas and passions, the perfect remedy. Why? Because everybody is allowed in.”]

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry and Auroville have started putting severe restrictions on free speech. We protest against this ill-conceived Fascist moves and hope that good sense prevail. [TNM55]

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