Sunday, March 04, 2012


The choice was difficult, but it became simple once I applied the elimination principle. BJP (Hindutva) is the No.1 pernicious element. Congress (Dynasty) is the 2nd adversary. BSP (Autocracy) was the 3rd to be discarded. So, I voted for SP, the 4th evil. This is the plight of people in almost all states of India as good options are not available. The Anna Hazare movement could have thrown a new party, but they developed cold feet.

Savitri Era Party gaining popularity is a long term project as the present situation in the country is unripe for appreciating the USP of Sri Aurobindo. Admitting that a rational acceptance on a large scale is almost impossible, we have hitched our hopes on to religion and a possible Koleverising of The Mother’s name. Help can come from any sector or any Bhagat, and we wait prayerfully. [TNM55]  

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