Wednesday, March 07, 2012

We warn Carlson

But Savitri Bhavan has refused to comply and has decided it will continue to cuddle the fundamentalist making Savitri Bhavan little more than a think tank for Hindu Fascist. Auroville another failed Aurobindian experiment!]

We congratulate Savitri Bhavan for their sane verdict and warn Richard Carlson not to fish in troubled waters by spraying overdose of vitriol. [TNm55] 


  1. savitri bhavan's decision is praiseworthy for not complying with the working committee aoroville.why the committee poking its nose into peter hees incident?is the committee itself a brigade of peter heehs who only will fight in favour of heehs?is the auroville a den of foreign scandalous persons and it will only support the persons who can make scandals in the name of the mother and sri doing this is not auroville itself becoming a hub of western fundamentalists??after satprem it is hees for whom auroville stood for.shradhalu may be criticised for his attempt,but it is not good to deprive others to share with his knowledge as he is a known scholar also.the word 'hindu'with the adjective 'facist' as it is printed only make us believe that there exists the lower and ordinary mind set who is not fit for the ideology of auroville.does mr.karan singh a scholar himself not know that sri aurobindo's school of thought mostly support the ideology and method of india itself!narada bhakti sutra and ishopanishad have not been isolated from purnanga yoga's thought there any place in indin guru shishya parampara to talk more and more about sex and sexual life of the guru!why the western and american scholars only give stress on sex and divide the world saying that the book and their represantation is only for the west while they write something about an indian!did sri aurobindo supported sex and auroville supported scholars are determined to make sri aurobindo a man of falsehood!
    thanks to savitri bhavan for its neutrality.

  2. Tusar

    Before you issue warnings to anyone and before posting on the scandal sheet, you should better have correct information.

    If you follow the above link for the person in question you get:

    Savitri Bhavan has in fact complied with the request to have Shraddhalu take a break from his talks at there. Kudos to them for arriving at a reasoned decision.

  3. may be correct or wrong but savitri era has done a good job by informing all from a to z concerned with the mother and sri aurobindo. if there a mistake is detected,then atonce it is to be rectified with frankness.
    so,if savitri bhavan"has infact complied with the request to have shraddhalu take a break from his talks are there"then let vishnupada withdraw the first and last sentences from his comment delivered on 10march2010.
    but please note that Anonymous has only upgreded the remarks "facist"and "hindu"by defaming savitri era as"scandal sheet".anyhow anonymous has done somthing good by finding out time to correct the news regarding savitri bhavan's decision on sraddhalu if it is doing so anonymous has also joined and helped savitri era and tnm.thanks.