Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why this Carlson Carlson Carlson digs

On several occasions in the past we have speculated that Heehs has a considerable stake in the book imbroglio turning ugly. The author and the publisher are interested in sales, and the more acute the controversy, the more the publicity and the consequent sales. The way the book is stoutly defended is pointer to the fact that they sniff gold and are ready for the long haul. They have left no stone unturned to incite the adversaries who have almost acted as per their script. Das Gupta is also interested in Dollars and plays ball by peddling dollops of chicanery.

Thus, those who feel that the book has created bad blood and has brought bad name are sorely mistaken. This book is the project of his life, and Heehs is well prepared to go to any extent for that. In the face of any drastic action against him also, he doesn’t lose anything as his book will sale more furthering the political cause hidden in the sub-text. And by now, a well-oiled protest and publicity machine is already in place waiting for the right trigger. They are also confident that all will be well by throwing crumbs of patronage once the book is duly encashed and Heehs earns his quota of fame.

Not many are versed with Heehs’ earlier writings but the existence of an underlying political project is unmistakable. How far this book takes it further and opens up fresh frontiers is yet to be analyzed and documented. Lack of scholarly hands keeps us in dark. Given the Marxists’ distaste for religion and their expertise in subversion, it is futile to expect an early reconciliation. Richard Carlson’s suspicious involvement in the matter raises the pitch for an adequate political response. (The opposite dimension of a religious clash, however, we are discounting for the moment.) [TNM55]           

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