Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ashram's assurance confuses Asyo

A formidable defence line-up indeed, but the epistemological question as regards identifying a good book remains. Scholars may endorse and long time devotees may recommend, but their perspective don’t match with that of a seventeen year old. Asyo stumbles upon it in a store and browses a few pages, and if he reads those damaging references, then he becomes disinterested and might feel disgusted. And if he happens to read the entire book, then a whole lot of questions will always swirl in his brain and he can never recover.

It’s only because such a possibility is hugely likely that there is a hue and cry, otherwise who cares for a good book? The Ashram has conveniently left it to the readers, but the real issue is it must decide about the author who is an inmate. Besides, that the book has been produced within its archives (a fact which has been duly advertised) constitutes a tacit authentication and endorsement of the book (despite the disclaimer). Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust condoning the act of an inmate writing a book containing adverse remarks regarding Sri Aurobindo will never be tolerated. Foot-soldiers of falsehood, beware! [TNM55]          

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