Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't disrespect Savitri Era Religion

[Religion and Politics Are Inseparable: Get Over It Huffington Post (blog) - Bishop Pierre Whalon  Posted: 04/9/2012 3:43 pm
Nevertheless, it should be clear from human history that religion and politics cannot be separated. Both of them arise from the fact that we Homo sapiens are communal beings: we cannot live completely alone. Every aspect of what makes us human develops completely from living in a community, beginning with the family. Anthropologists are clear that having a sense of the sacred (whatever one makes of it) is one of the fundamental aspects of what differentiates Sapiens from other hominids. Politics is how we order our common life.
It is therefore impossible to separate them, and anyone who claims it can and should be done is either lying or hasn't thought it through. It's pretty basic... There is always a delicate balance to strike. So much is at stake, for all of us. But let us not kid ourselves, at least: religion and politics are inseparable.]

We have said it umpteen times, my dear fool (The unpleasant truth: 90 per cent of Indians are fools - India, a Nation of More Than 1 Billion 'Fools'), Buddha didn’t start a religion, and similarly, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never started a religion. Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy has made this clear in his famous dissenting judgment but again the 90% factor.

Enough is enough. This is a warning to all literate persons not to disrespect Savitri Era Religion and its devotees without sufficient ground. We expect informed debate and discussion and not foolish mudslinging upon those fighting for the honour of their Masters. We understand the secularists well and their hypocrisy. They must stop lecturing and mind their TRPs. Those who are under marketing contracts for the book, however, can receive leniency on production of necessary documents. The Constitution of India gives protection to religious sentiments and let no one dare to flout that. [TNM55]     

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