Friday, April 20, 2012

Heehs is a heretic

[My aim was to show all aspects of Sri Aurobindo's life. The "so-called conservatives" are interested in establishing a Sri Aurobindo religion with themselves as popes, priests, etc. I made it clear in my book that the yoga and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo is not a religion. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Mirra Alfassa, Aurobindo's spiritual collaborator) made this perfectly clear in their writings and the Supreme Court of India affirmed it in a judgment of 1982 after a certain organisation claiming to represent Sri Aurobindo tried to obtain religious status and protections. Its suit was thrown out.]

Heehs talks about yoga and philosophy but has conveniently forgotten about the Relics of Sri Aurobindo enshrined all over the world. Devotees throng these religious centres for Darshan day and allied celebrations and participate in specialized rituals. Disregarding the lived reality is no prudence, and hence, what is practiced today has relevance and should receive acceptance.

But Heehs is a heretic and has scant concern for the feelings of the devotees. He has also made it clear that he was not simply writing a biography but trying to define the legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as if he is the sole authority. Good that Heehs’ hidden agendas are now coming in the open. [TNM55 SEP]

I agree with your sentiments and was, actually, under such innocence till the other day. Internet, in fact, exposed me to facts relating to deep conspiracies by political adversaries. To privilege the writings alone and take a legalistic view without acknowledging the practice is an anomaly. No quarrels, however, with polyphony and ecology as suggested by you. [TNM55]

The Mother has announced Manifestation of Supramental Consciousness on February 29, 1956 to which I don’t think Gebser or any one else holding any clue. Shortly afterwards, The Mother also facilitated enshrinement of the sacred Relics of Sri Aurobindo in Delhi on December 5, 1957. Now, of course, hundreds of such religious centres operate all over the world, but as regards practice, one should visit Odisha to get a feel of it. [TNM55]

Let’s compare Gebser with Satprem. The latter, I think, was under an intense state of speculation for a prolonged period in the very presence of The Mother herself. So, attuning to his universe is perhaps a more profitable venture than memorizing the jargon Gebser introduces. By the way, I'm talking of the practice here and not about academic explorations. [TNM55]

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