Saturday, April 07, 2012

Letting Heehs leave amounts to safe passage

We understand from media reports that Heehs has been asked by the Govt. to leave the country by 15th. Under what circumstances such a decision has been taken is yet to be disclosed to the public. It's also not known whether this is the final decision or something else is in the offing. This game of hide and seek is an extremely anomalous aspect in a democracy, especially when a large number of people are likely to be affected.

However, if Heehs has committed some malpractices he should be tried, as the Govt. can’t be the judge. Else, letting him leave the country would amount to safe passage for an accused. Before that, the Govt. must intimate the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry the detailed dossier concerning Heehs. Now, on that basis the Ashram must take appropriate disciplinary action.

Savitri Era Party maintains that deportation is not the commensurate punishment for Heehs’ mischief. We demand that the Ashram must expel Heehs for writing several highly objectionable passages in an otherwise satisfactory book. There has to be some exemplary penalty for Heehs so that such acts of defiance are not repeated by inmates in future. Thus, we are interested in what action the Ashram takes and not the Govt. [TNM55]    

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