Wednesday, April 04, 2012

SEP to spread its roots

First, a few days back, the Economist wrote on the BJP, or the Big Joke Party… And then today, Pratap Bhanu Mehta in the Indian Express writes a Letter to Sonia]

Guest post by SANKAR RAY (As the CPI(M)'s 20th Congress began in Kozhikhode today, we bring two pieces marking the occasion. AN) Unbelievable though it may seem even to the staunchest critic of CPI(M), ‘class struggle’ is totally missing in the 20950-plus word Draft Political Resolution (DPR) of the CPI(M), circulated and debated inside the]

Not only CPI(M), the policies of each and every political party in India has become outdated and irrelevant. This ideological vacuum and confusion offers the most suitable environment for Savitri Era Party to spread its roots. [TNM55View My Stats

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