Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Prelude to the dense sense of luminosity

It is actually a good thing there is no objective test to prove someone is enlightened. It breeds variety in the world and allows people to grow at their own pace. Some stay atheists and others follow the religion of their choice. The individual settles on the teacher who is appropriate for his or her stage of development. For some people, Oprah is the Guru and for others, it is Donald Trump!]

[Messages in this topic Knowledge of one's religion and culture puts one in love with that and the resultant output is a fanatic or a chauvinist - a stone-headed, single-track homo-sapien. Thus the culture-knowing Indian is often required to be balanced and corrected by a culture-neutral one. Thank God, Indian society contains both. As Hindus, we need to be very careful about falling in love with our greatness. Dilip Kumar Roy diliproy@gmail.com sbicitizen 7:57 PM]

[The Instability of Structures from Larval Subjects . by larvalsubjects We get something similar in Levi-Strauss’s account mythology. We get endless variations of myths, but these variations are variations of the same structure…  Here the work of Kim Sterelny in philosophy of biology is of the utmost value. Why, in the biological world, is there no end to evolutionary development?]

Utility of finitude is manifold as it functions as the warp and woof of the phenomenal world. But the teleological imperative and the evolutionary arrow goad us towards unity. Diversity pervading the realm of possibilities is only a prelude to the dense sense of luminosity, where democracy no longer remains a virtue. The coercive benevolence of a right syllabus serves as a means and media, the facilitator. Education, like medicine, needs to be administered, especially when it comes to unwilling adults. [TNM55] 

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