Sunday, July 15, 2012

No support for deportation

Elsewhere we read that the devotees demand the permanent expulsion and deportation of Peter. While that is quite valid at its own place, we may reiterate the stand adopted by Savitri Era Party for ready reference. Needless to say that we have trod our way through the Heehs imbroglio with utmost caution and in virtual isolation (with shoestring information) and hence have had the singular advantage of not having to toe any herd directive. We have been transparent about our views (as also doubts and predicaments) which were expressed in a sustained manner sans any mask or ruse. The most significant feature, however, is that we are yet to find someone who agrees with them fully, although, to us, they seem so natural.

The basic nicety is that we are against the book but are also against banning of the book (court orders, of course, are to be respected as long as they are in force). In fact, we are not against the whole book, but are against just one word that starts with “f”, i.e., “furtive.” We are also not against the author nor demand his deportation. We simply ask the Ashram to free this author of critical tenor from its ambit so that other inmates don’t imitate him. It is hoped that this distilled version finds some semblance of resonance. [TNM55]  

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