Sunday, September 09, 2012

Subaltern votaries are wary of Sri Aurobindo

Many misconceptions regarding Sri Aurobindo continue to float merrily for years together that are happily spread by his many hues of adversaries. His alleged involvement in the Alipore Bomb Case, for instance, gave rise to the erroneous impression that he favours violence. His secret escape to Puducherry in 1910, similarly, is still perceived as weakness on his part, and his assertion as regards a spiritual mission is pooh-poohed. 

It’s well-known that Sri Aurobindo has authored extensive commentaries on the Veda, Upanishads, and Gita. This is generally construed as his support towards Brahminism and Hindutva whereas his whole attempt is to rid them of ritualism. Subaltern votaries too are wary of Sri Aurobindo for this mistaken image. The political costs of these misleading notions have been heavy but the greater loss is how much and for how long the nation has remained deprived of Sri Aurobindo’s powerful insights. [TNM55]

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