Friday, October 05, 2012

Finding The Mother & Sri Aurobindo – pitfalls

[Consciously Immortal - Sri Aurobindo Studies So long as we try to understand the concept of rebirth using the faculties of the mind, it is impossible to come to any solid basis. Due to the limitations of the mind and its faculties of perception and understanding, we are left with conflicting ideas and contradictory points of view. It is essentially impossible for the mind to grasp anything that is outside its normal range of focus and action, and clearly the operation of a universal process of development using rebirth as a mechanism goes far beyond the normal scope of the mental power.]

Being drawn or introduced to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can be through any route but if one manages to persist with that interest for one or two years, then it’s possible to acquire a reasonable background as to how to follow them and their teachings. At that point one might even feel that he understands everything and starts explaining various concepts to others. Another possibility is that he finds himself in the vortex of conflicting formulations and reconciling them proves beyond him. Comparison with other great persons and religions prolong his doubts and in the absence of any clear answer he prefers to forget them in due course.

If one happens to visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry without any prior appreciation of the Masters, then there is more chance of being confused than influenced. The same as regards Auroville is better not to broach. Besides, a concise introductory book has not been written till date and thus to expect a beginner to do research all by himself is too much. The question of money and availability is also a deterrent. Study-Camps and Workshops are gradually turning elitist and commercial-oriented. Emphasis on popular utilitarian themes like well-being and healing do warp the lofty ideals enunciated by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

The nature of Integral Yoga may take the shape of either a quietistic or a fiercely active mode depending on how the aspirant is situated in life. The very purpose of it being called integral, however, is not to fall into these either extremes and develop a balance and equipoise instead. But, many a times the seduction of Comfort Zone becomes overpowering and money and power can take their toll. Mistaking pride and arrogance for Yogic rectitude and firmness is common on the part of many Institutional heads. Parroting of the sayings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo without free discussion on their sociological aspects is a major contributory factor for obscuring of their teachings. [TNM55]   

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