Sunday, October 21, 2012

No other soft option than politics

[The importance of being Kejriwal Indian Express Meghnad Desai: Sunday 21 October '12
Information has been democratised… What matters is the guerrilla tactics with news and embarrassing the powerful… It is the process which is important and not the final outcome. Kejriwal’s task is to shake the politics up and not predict the outcome… If he is smart, he will not get into any detailed policy statements.]

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have taken enough pains to chart a definite future for India and hence it’s myopic to rely on chaotic guerrilla tactics. Politics, like any other specialization, will remain in the hands of a few and therefore a party structure with well-defined policy pronouncements is a must. Orchestrated agitations in the last two years have been bogged down by fluidity, factionalism, and adhocism. Savitri Era Party has the firm conviction that the Five Dreams Manifesto heralded by Sri Aurobindo will be the guiding force for the country’s progress. [TNM55] 

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