Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ontological peculiarities of Integral Yoga

Then it appeared that they are saying something different and that’s how following them began without knowing much about the world and now, nearly half-a-Century later when one feels to have surveyed life and the world to a considerable extent, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo still appear not only as different but head and shoulders above all others. Many turn eager to produce a systematic course of Integral Yoga but certain ontological peculiarities prevent such attempts. Since each individual has chosen to be born with a unique plot of life, a generalized system of spiritual practice becomes inapplicable.

Further, each individual assimilates only as much relevant (or, lack of it) to the plot and exhibits progress as stipulated. So understanding Sri Aurobindo’s theory of Rebirth and Karma is extremely important to get rid of the traditional notions of Yoga techniques. Besides, studying the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo (on various Yoga doctrines) as a means of personal growth is essential instead of treating them as strictly prescriptive or mandatory. That the Ashram is somehow integral to the concept of Integral Yoga is another superstition. [TNM55] 

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