Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo – the solution

120 years of constitutional politics in India has seen many innovations and experiments. The Congress, which started as a broad-based voice of the elites of the day, was later hijacked by Gandhi’s personal brand of protest politics. After independence, it has been dominated by Nehru and his descendants. To this day, everybody looks up to one leader in the party and this Congress culture has been adopted by almost all other political parties. As a result, the concept of collective leadership has taken a backseat. Instead of healthy debate on ideology and transparent decision making, the charisma and crowd collecting capability of the leader becomes more important. Obviously, dissent is frowned upon and people with promise are not tolerated. This top-down form of party functioning has completely strangled the grass-root politics.

Despite the dismal scenario, there is this unmistakable feeling that there exists a vacuum and the day of Sri Aurobindo is drawing nearer. Both at the philosophical level and also in the political field, it’s easy to detect acute dearth of imagination and the guidance of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is precisely the solution. Thus, lack of resources and popular support at present may not be reason enough to loose confidence over the efficacy of their evolutionary message. As more and more people read their works – thanks to the ready availability online – a groundswell of support is likely to emerge spontaneously and that day is not far off. [TNM55]  

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