Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blogs are forever

For a couple of years, Blogs were a rage and hence followed multi-pronged flurry at sabotage. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and sundry social media and networking ventures cropped up to compete. Most mainstream publications also renamed their features as Blogs. The individual voice was drowned amid the surfeit of sites mechanically reproducing news and sales props. However, the utility of Blogs will ensure their longevity albeit with dwindled popularity.   

Another threat is disproportionate flood of videos and photographs which devalue the reading material. Overemphasizing graphics and designing too seduces the eyes elsewhere. Modified version for mobiles or tablets robs the Blogs of their unique charm and some outreach arms. Country-based URL is a prelude to restricted circulation and diminished distribution. But the lure of freedom and free publishing will continue to draw new entrants to etch their speech for future generations. [TNM55]   

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