Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hitch your wagon to evolution

Periodical elections keep the engines of news industry moving which provides a form of entertainment as well as a sense of participation to large sections of people. So much so that local issues are often overshadowed by ideological dichotomies operating at the national level. Anna Hazare and Kejriwal are apt examples of how Jantar Mantar can turn someone a national figure within a short span of time. But the sorry spectacle of splintering of the erstwhile Team Anna is due to lack of a coherent intention or direction.

Against this backdrop, the work of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in repackaging the civilizational perspective of India for a wider global application procures prominence. Although many of their pet themes such as popularization of Sanskrit and inculcating poetic sensibility are patently impractical at present, some key ideas like the East-West integration or Free-Progress system of education, nevertheless, are doable propositions. Further, their endeavor of embedding all pursuit of excellence within the overall trajectory of evolution echoing the Vedic quest for light and immortality imparts meaning and profundity to ordinary human wants and action.   

This is where spirituality supersedes morality. Morality is surely a force and a chief ingredient of our social capital but has uncertain effectiveness and a high rate of mortality. The spiritual path of hitching the wagon to evolution, on the contrary, is a more dependable and enduring method of ensuring honesty and creating a largely ethical environment. The Science of Living enunciated by The Mother is a potent formulation involving depth psychology that awakens the spiritual dimension in our day to day lives. This shows why and how right pedagogy should find adequate space within the realm of power struggle and politics. [TNM55] 

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