Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karnad clearing cobwebs

[Tweets 2h Nilanjana Roy ‏@nilanjanaroy - @OxbloodRuffin Bait! #Tagore's novels and short stories still hold up, and will last. The plays & poetry are more, shall we say, fragile?
2h - Oxblood Ruffin ‏@OxbloodRuffin - @nilanjanaroy ... as a poet exaggerated compared to Aurobindo, whose subtlety and depth of expression is absolutely sublime. conversation 10:07 PM - 9 Nov 12 · Details]

[A journey to a new world - The Hindu April 4, 2010 by SACHIDANAND MOHANTY
Why is Sri Aurobindo not in the forefront of the nation's attention today? Some contend that it is in the manner in which we frame the national debate in terms of the ‘secular' and the ‘communal' that the third category, the ‘spiritual' must take a back seat: Sri Aurobindo, after all was a philosopher-mystic. Is it because, we as a nation, in our collective self image and self expression seem to have opted for ideals and action that run diametrically opposite to the vision of Sri Aurobindo?
Sri Aurobindo declared that the nation is not the sum total of the parts. But our leaders in all spheres seem to maintain that it is the parts, and only the parts, that make up the nation. Indeed, every part that claims to exist by itself in an insular and atomistic manner, can browbeat, terrorise or blackmail other parts, and the whole, into submission… Sri Aurobindo makes it clear in the Foundations of Indian Culture that he is not interested in the rise of India so that she could play power politics and a hegemonic role in the international arena. She must rise in order to be a world leader in terms of progressive and futuristic ideals. Spirituality for Sri Aurobindo meant precisely that.]

Questioning status quo like Baudelaire, Benjamin, or Baudrillard is a valid means of value discovery. Let’s hope Karnad leads a successful reexamination of all cobwebs hovering over the nation for years. [TNM55]

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