Friday, November 02, 2012

Sri Aurobindo – a serious contender

[Sri Aurobindo - the vocal opponent of socialism - Sanjeev Sabhlok's ... Had Sri Aurobindo lived, Nehru's plans of socialism would have been still-born and India might have escaped from its (ongoing) misery of the past 65 years. Tweets 20h - Sanjeev Sabhlok @sabhlok Sri #Aurobindo – the vocal opponent of #socialism  #badideas #india  Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]

[1h - B Shantanu @satyamevajayate @prasannavishy @doubtinggaurav Pl do read @sabhlok's recent posts on Aurobindo, Chanakya etc.. We don't hv to rely/copy western paradigms Retweeted by doubtinggaurav  View conversation]

[Show Dont Tell from Centre Right India by Gaurav: I will like to qualify my humble appeal in which I objected to pretending that right exists in India, in any meaningful way. I will like to note following criteria to admit existence of right. 1. Define right in a broad but coherent way.  (And again no, you can not just import definition of American Right) 2. Identify the set of philosophical/policy positions in Indian context which can be classified as right. 3. Locate in politics a serious faction or movement which identifies with said position. Or, 4. Identify a serious strand among contemporary Indian discourse which can be identified with said position. 5. Note emphasis on “serious”, by which I mean not twitter, or blog, or any other part of web.]

A great day as the focus is on Sri Aurobindo by influential right wing. We agree with Gaurav’s criteria barring the last point in which he sidetracks web based offerings. As one who has been at the receiving end of many rebuffs for urging people to take the socio-political philosophy of Sri Aurobindo seriously, the web is a great empowering tool with vast potentiality of making minds meet. Street politics may be the flavour of the season, but ultimately it's words and opinions which will matter. Savitri Era Party looks forward to the day of such enlightened politics being ushered in. [TNM55]   

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