Friday, November 16, 2012

What Heehs has not written

[Tweets 13 Nov - Nitin Pai ‏@acorn What's the best, non-hagiographic account of Aurobindo's life?
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Heehs has made the word “hagiography” famous through his debut in national TV. So, the general assumption is that what is “non-hagiographic” is true, or at least, rational and credible. And if the writer happens to hail from the West, then he must be the most astute and exact while the rest have “vested interests.”

In four long years, we don’t find even four persons among the civil society to have read the book to judge it independently. Writing a review and committing oneself to a distinct view, of course, requires motivation as well as courage. But even then, many are likely to miss the bone of contention that it’s all about what Heehs has not explicitly written in the book. [TNM55] 

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