Saturday, December 29, 2012

Heehs can easily say to err is human

“The intersection of religion and nationalism remains an unresolved issue,” wrote Mohanty in Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader (Rutledge: 2008 & Rimina’s first assignment) and within a few months all hell broke loose via Heehs imbroglio. Observing the drama unfold over a period of five years leaves one with the impression that Heehs’ original gripe remains unchanged except for the fact that he, himself, is now a confirmed perpetrator of “prejudice and misunderstanding against Sri Aurobindo.” What a fall!

Last month, I stumbled upon Indian Religions: A Historical Reader of Spiritual Expression and Experience in the Sahitya Akademi Library and got it issued. Browsing through the heavy tome leisurely at home evoked the feeling of how its author has really gone through the grind. And yet, the irony of he being charged as an atheist or anti-national! But his enigmatic “dignified silence” is partly to blame, perhaps. [TNM55]

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