Friday, December 07, 2012

Heilsgeschichte, Enantiodromia, and End of history

Nothing in this world enjoys unmixed bliss. For Continental fare there is Analytic Philosophy and for Correlationism, there is Speculative Realism and OOO. For Capitalism, Socialism is the constant companion and for neo-Darwinism and Evolution there is Intelligent design (ID). As the last landmark date of the Century 12-12-12 is knocking at the door, it really seems like it’s end of history.

Everything has been written, sung, or captured on celluloid. From Armada to World Wars and 9/11, everything has happened. What remains is perhaps only parody and repetition. Nothing has been settled either in theory or in science. The heart cries out, “Why is it all, the labour and the din, … Where leads the march, whither the pilgrimage?” Nevertheless, (55m Savitri Era Party ‏@SavitriEraParty) I learnt about two new words today: Heilsgeschichte & Enantiodromia. … [TNM55] 

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