Sunday, December 30, 2012

Savitri Era entering the tent

Mike is right. “Just put up some pictures of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in your house” and that’s the first ritual. But wait! Reverse the order; place The Mother’s photograph on the left and that’s the second ritual. Now the magic begins as they ease out all other idols like the proverbial camel. Call it Savitri Era or whatever; this is the scenario Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy sanctified as our fledgling Religion. He refused to look at what The Mother said or Sri Aurobindo wrote and valorized the faith of the follower, his incipient forms of practice and their autonomy occurring at the margin. Triumph of postmodernism!

Georges van Vrekhem “spoke about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother as the Two-in-One, the double-poled Avatar of the Supermind.” His books selling worldwide form a forceful foundation for the new Religion.  In his paper titled, “Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism Peter Heehs snaps the umbilical cord with clinical precision, thus facilitating the birth of a new Religion. M. Alan Kazlev’s clarion call to accept the impetus of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as central focus of the so-called Integral movement further cemented it on the global stage. Although, disregarding such robust theoretical and factual justifications is not easy for anyone now, the resistance of the older generation is likely to persist for a decade or so.

The fierce Secular-Communal debate in India is a superb springboard for Savitri Era Religion for showcasing its advantages as a potent alternative. Dwelling on the mythology surrounding the pantheon of iconic philosophers of Western thought supplies a brilliant narrative that, as well, constitutes a smart and subversive strategy to circumvent the compulsion or impulsive need to fall back upon Judeo-Christian antecedents. Leveraging Sri Aurobindian Ontology, thus, can disabuse people of bigotry and fanaticism. [TNM55]

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