Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo: 1893 – 1973

Sri Aurobindo returned to India in 1893 and this is the 120th year. The Mother passed away in 1973 and that is 40 years back. Despite their immense contribution, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are hardly remembered in the national discourse. The concept of the Ashram restricts their appeal and dissemination of their teachings lacks zeal. Sri Aurobindo is almost unknown as a playwright and how many have read his short-stories? The vast corpus of his poems also is a distant land for even the students of literature. Not to speak of his diverse essays, translations, and conversations now freely available online.

The culture of mass protest during the last two years has brought many socio-political problems to the forefront. Core issues of Humanities and their long term repercussions along with legal ramifications are being widely debated providing public education. The insights of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have much to offer in this context but our public intellectuals and social media champions are pathetically under-informed. No one is prepared to advocate the ideas of Sri Aurobindo when he appears to be most relevant. Real estate, regrettably, has become more worthy of defending than theory or philosophy. [TNM55]  

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