Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Mother’s stance on gender

The writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo represent an unprecedented peak in the history of civilization. Not only in the arena of human aspiration, but also in the field of day-to-day action, they offer penetrating guidance and assurance. The Mother’s stance on gender, for instance, can be seen in stark contrast to the cacophony that we hear these days by the harebrained. Since a major political formation in India is under the clutch of obscurantist and anti-modern sentiments supposedly sanctified by religion and tradition, Savitri Erans have a bounden duty today to stand for equality and justice.

No doubt, The Mother has counseled silence for self-culture and self-finding, but at moments of social crisis one needs to be vocal and proactive. Let the message go that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advocate the most enlightening path for social harmony that is in sync with the trajectory of evolution. Let the world know that their voice is not only politically correct in most part but also distilled from the pristine Judeo-Vedic wisdom. They have encouraged original thinking and excellence in all faculties of life and are staunchly against scriptural support for any kind of chauvinism or superstition.

Despite spread of education and latest modes of communication, it is true that the urge for freedom and self-assertion has not reached the vast and varied population of our country. Democratic ethos has not taken root due to dynastic trends and feudal thinking prevailing on a wide scale. Local languages have become barriers for rural population as far as exposure to healthy discourse at the national level is concerned. However, no other proof needed for being forewarned as to how dangerous the cocktail of old religions and politics can be and hence the imperative for being forearmed with an astute alternative like Savitri Era. [TNM55]   

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