Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unshelling the Ashram

A basic element of any self-appraisal is to focus on weaknesses and threats. The present goings on in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry has facilitated informed delineation of limitations and inadequacies experienced by the inmates while pursuing a life of aspiration and Yoga. It means, mere provision of outward necessities of life is not enough, or in other words, it actually comes at a very high cost as one needs to mortgage not only his intelligence but also the conscience to please the Management.

Another feature of the Ashram is it’s like living in a huge joint family. The personal history of too many people constitutes an unnecessary burden on the memory of any one individual. The security and vitality of collective living thus comes at a substantial price. Merger of the home and work environment is certainly not a happy situation as unsavory feelings seamlessly run. To be in relationship with such a large number of people also gives rise to excessive attachments or deceptive benevolence.

Since Integral Yoga defies standardization and any form of evaluation, the Pracharak system of the RSS seems to be a feasible option. Inmates can be sent outside for a certain period of the year so that they periodically brush up their knowledge while interacting with the people. Chasing targets also can expand their creative abilities as well as the protagonist spirit. On the whole, a more proactive role of the Ashram in engaging with the outside world is a must. [TNM55]      

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