Thursday, February 07, 2013

Elections and Evolution

Political topics before 1947 were treated with the colonial power in mind. The Party line became the new guiding and binding factor in free India. Academicians wallowed in fraternal networks trading their conscience for careers. Cultivating pet paradigms helped the habitus strangulating truth. So, really we have no theory in India. Political Parties prefer the quicksand of shifting stands and refrain from articulating clearly on issues. The diversity, thus, hardly finds expression or merit receives recognition.

In such a vicious environment of ignorance and apathy the ideas of Sri Aurobindo has suffered the worst harm. Not a single book is there that does justice to his political philosophy and prophecy while respecting his sourcing from intuition and poetry. The rigmarole of comparing him with his prominent contemporaries robs the innovation and the freshness that Sri Aurobindo wished to introduce. Seeing him always against the backdrop of history reinforces the mindset that nothing new can come or only the Elections matter and not Evolution.

Many a brilliant minds struggling in the media today have pathetically mortgaged themselves for money or ideology. Many of them are aware of Sri Aurobindo and his exalted place in India’s intellectual tradition but remain silent. Internet has made instant publishing free, but most are reluctant to speak about the teachings of Sri Aurobindo with the required passion and zeal. The West is a fertile field now to assimilate the Synthesis Sri Aurobindo has produced, but any concerted effort for dissemination of the same is missing. At Savitri Era, however, we keep moving, steadily, like the winning hare. [TNM55]  

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