Friday, March 08, 2013

Nothing comes alone

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Problematising the Book Cover is like writing any other paper where a single issue is quarantined but from the epistemological pov it is artificial and arbitrary. Nothing comes alone – why only the book cover – there is an ontological unity which ancient Indian wisdom so emphatically announces. Thus, the larger picture is perhaps indicated by the picture on the book so that the reader is alerted not to be taken in by the narrow arguments offered inside. [TNM55] 

from: Tusar N. Mohapatra date: 8 March 2013 20:44
Scanned through both the pieces and found them broadly expository – no doubt, done brilliantly but a bit too devotee like where the discourse almost comes to an end. For a commoner this approach is okay, but the academician’s burden is to problematise and create contexts for more interrogation. A double role is involved here: to conceal one’s personal admiration and devotion while continuing to wield the critical tone in public. This task is inevitable as long as the West remains unconvinced who, like the unruly in the classroom, is a challenge. [TNM55] kkk

Endless whining against American academia typecasts him as a pamphleteer and drowns out whatever original work he has done. He forgets that historical blunders cannot be reversed overnight since within our own country itself we come across so much of perversion and distortion of various knowledge systems. The remedy, therefore, lies in slow and steady positive contribution and even then nothing is assured as the arrow of history is unpredictable. This realization can save him from the agony and victim-hood of the rigid Dharmic /Abrahmic dichotomy, and thereby, the stridency of his campaigns (the intricacies of which very few understand and appreciate). Being pushed, willy-nilly, towards the Hindutva camp, too, is one another danger he either overlooks or underestimates. The remedy to his malady, in fact, is Sri Aurobindo but he appears to be aloof and cold so far. Past baggage surely offers a comfort zone but proves at times to be dearly won. [TNM55] 

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